iPad portfolio case with paper notepad

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Technology is wonderful but expensive. Imagine if you broke or scratched your new iPad and had to spend even more money on a new one. This XIAOZHI iPad portfolio case is the perfect solution; it will protect your iPad from any damage. Plus, maybe you don't use your iPad for everything. After all, technology can't solve all of your problems.

Maybe you need to draw a diagram to illustrate a concept, or perhaps you just want to take notes by hand. Fortunately, this iPad portfolio case also comes with a 8.2-by-11.4 inch paper notepad. In addition to protecting your iPad from scratches or other damage, the paper notepad and two pen loops make it easy for you to switch between the latest technology and old-fashioned notepad paper.

The brown top grain leather gives it a professional look ideal for business meetings. The portfolio even contains two small pockets for cell phones or other personal items as well as a larger pocket for an 11-inch Macbook Air. The portfolio's dimensions are 1.3-by-10.5-by-13 inches, and it weighs .88kg. If you want to look professional while storing personal items, taking notes and protecting your expensive technology this iPad portfolio case with paper notepad is a great investment.

Features of this ipad portfolio case with paper notepad

**Fit for iPad Air/iPad 4 Retina /iPad 3/iPad 2/iPad 1(Options)
**With 11.4-inch x 8.2-inch Notepad space
**With a big pocket for Macbook Air 11inch
**With two pen loops
**With two small pockets

Specification of this ipad portfolio case with paper notepad

**Dimensions: 13 in.L x 10.5 in.W x 1.3 in.D
** Brand: XIAOZHI
** Material: Top Grain Leather
** Color: Brown
** Net Weight: 0.88kg

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