MacBook and iPad All-in-One Leather Clutch

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For the Apple user, there are many devices to choose from in deciding on the best tech tools for everyday activities or for conducting business. In some cases, combined use of different Apple devices is helpful, each allowing you to complete different tasks with an optimal platform. Our All-in-One leather clutch for MacBook Air and iPad is perfect for men and women in need of a great case to house both devices. You will appreciate the ability to travel short or long distances without having to worry about the condition of your tech tools.

MacBook Air is Apple’s alternative to the popular PC netbooks. The powerful little devices are outstanding for on the go personal computing. While iPad handles lots of productivity tasks, some people prefer the feel of a real keyboard for word processing and editing. The 10 and 13 inch designs are accommodated by our iPad MacBook case. Your computer tucks into a central pouch of the case, held in place by a leather strap. Meanwhile, your iPad tucks into an outer pouch of the iPad MacBook case, making it quickly accessible while you travel or wait.

Our Mac Air i Pad model is crafted of high quality leather. Superb workmanship makes each case an attractive accessory, and a variety of contemporary colors allow you to express your style in your selection. You can customize your Mac Air i Pad carrier by including a name or business logo, making it possible to use our iPad case design as a reflection of your company. In fact, customized selections are exceptional choices in colleague and client gifts. Those that use these devices will appreciate the value of such a relevant and useful gift.

Your Mac Air iPad case can be carried by hand when you are on the go. It will equally work tucked into your attaché or into a carryon bag. Whether you are going to be on the go for hours or whether you will be anchored in a single place for the day, this leather clutch will keep your Apple devices safely protected.

Specifications of the MacBook Air and iPad All-in-One Leather Clutch.

** Dimensions: Vary from different model.
** Brand: XIAOZHI.
** Material: Genuine leather.
** Color Options: Light Brown/Red/Orange/Beige/Black/Brown/Coffee.
** Weight: kg.

Macbook Options:
11-inch MacBook Air
13-inch MacBook Air
13-inch MacBook Pro Retina
15-inch MacBook Pro Retina