Zippered Leather Padfolio With Bluetooth Keyboard and Angle Viewing

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The iPad zippered leather Padfolio comes complete with a BlueTooth Keyboard. It is perfect for any office setting, yet portable enough to slide into a bag with ease. The iPad Padfolio features a place for an iPad, pockets for pens, business cards, and a handy area that holds a pad for taking notes. This iPad Padfolio provides everything the business professional would ever need to succeed.

Product description:
The iPad zippered leather Padfolio allows users to store pens, cell phones, paper as well as an iPad and a BlueTooth keyboard. When zipped up, it allows for extra storage room for papers on the outside of the Padfolio. After closed up, the iPad Padfolio provides a safe place for iPad storage. Coming complete with a place for paper, in addition to the iPad and keyboard, it offers the opportunity to take hand written notes. In addition, the Padfolio is perfect for taking notes directly on the iPad. Another feature that makes this Padfolio unique; is the fact that users are able view it from several different angles. This allows for two people to share the iPad information, or gives the option of sharing an idea with others, without having to remove the information from the iPad. (Devices and accessories are not included.)

Features of the 9.7/10.5 iPad Zippered Leather Padfolio that contains a Bluetooth Keyboard and features Angle Viewing.

  • A Keyboard of Bluetooth variety
  • Flexible iPad holder, kickstand style
  • Space for a letter-size (8.5 x 11 inch)/A4-size notebook or notepad(notepad or notebook is not included)
  • Storage for pen, cellphone and business cards
  • Outside Pocket perfect for documents

  • Specifications of iPad Air / The New 9.7 iPad Zippered Padfolito with BlueTooth Keyboard and multi-angle viewing.

  • Brand: XIAOZHI.
  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Color: Black/Brown
  • Weight: 1.22kg
  • Dimensions:13*11*1.4 inches

  • The iPad Zippered Leather Padfolio, with BlueTooth Keyboard and multi-angle viewing, is a must have item for any business professional. This Padfolio makes a great gift for anyone that uses their iPad for business purposes. The Padfolio allows for safe transport of an iPad while traveling. Moreover, it is an easy and convenient way to use an iPad while waiting on a plane, or even while in a taxi. There is a plethora of possibilities when considering the use of the Padfolio. Even non-business minded people will appreciate the Padfolio as a convienient way to transport their iPad. In addition, it allows a desktop like set up for using the iPad, due to its BlueTooth keyboard. The iPad Padfolio is a must have item for any iPad owner.