iPad Zipper Portfolio With Notepad Holder and Multiangle Viewing

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Once you have one you won't leave home or the office without this convenient and versatile mini-office. It holds your iPad, keeping it safe from the daily grind. It keeps that notebook handy so you can be prepared at every meeting, or ready to write down that desired contact information for an important lead. In today's fast paced world, you need the best possible tools you can afford. But utility isn't everything...

Beautiful genuine leather is the real eye catcher when it comes to these portfolios. And don't worry, you can choose one to match the office such as brown, black, beige, or coffee. You might also want something a little brighter, such as red or orange.

The iPad is great because you can watch your favorite movies or shows just about anywhere. With multiangle viewing, you, your spouse, and the kids will be able to view the screen in a variety of places and situations including the airplane, car, bus, subway, hotel, condo, or anywhere else you and your loved ones may roam. Prop up your iPad while it remains in the case, leaving it to be protected by the strong leather. Although nobody wants to think about the day when their precious tablet may one day fall off a counter top, it just might that added leather protection that keeps her functional.

Have you ever had a painful crick in the neck from trying to view a small screen at a weird angle? You are not the only one, but you can be one of the wise who have purchased any case with multi angle viewing. You can become an object of envy if that case is genuine leather.

If you want success, you have to live it. What good is it to own what is currently the most valued tablet and carry it around in an unattractive cloth case, tucked into a briefcase or backpack. Forget the briefcase and the backpack. Consolidation is the key to organization.

** Brand: XIAOZHI.
** Material: Genuine Leather
** Color: Black/Brown/Coffee/Red/Orange/Beige (Options)
** Weight: 1.2kg
** Dimensions:13*11.2*1.4 inches (For Letter Size)/ 14.2*11.5*1.4 inches (For Legal Size)

The paper pad comes in
  • letter size: 8.5 x 11"
  • EU A4 size: 8.3 x 11.7"
  • legal size: 8.5 x 14".