Zippered iPad Leather Portfolio With Letter-Size Notepad and Pockets, for iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad Pro

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These days, portability is the name of the game when it comes to technology. The fact that the world is becoming more and more interconnected sounds like a cliché, but it remains true.

What is also true is that over the last several decades computers have revolutionized the way the world not only does business but entertainment, communication, and even chores. The computer, and the power and unparalleled technology a computer can bring, and the need to bring that power to our mobile lives has inspired and driven some of the largest technological advances of recent years.

The first “portable” computers weren’t very portable, but as technology improved eventually practical laptop computers were developed and later cell phones with applications and capabilities that could rival some home computers. However, the need to create something in between, a truly portable machine that is still extremely powerful and useful didn’t bring about anything truly revolutionary until the iPad was introduced in 2010. Although there were tablet computers that predate the iPad, the iPad brought about a new standard of usability and capabilities. Although many of Apple’s competitors have released similar products, the iPad is still by far the best selling tablet in the world.

With the iPad being the gold standard of tablets, of course it’s a valuable, important item to any owner. This is especially true if you use your iPad for business. iPads are durable machines, but still need proper protection while travelling. Having a suitable carrying case for your iPad is absolutely essential, and there are numerous options available, including some cases and sleeves that don’t offer much in the way of protection.

If you are looking for a way to not only keep your iPad safe while traveling, but also keep other important items with it, this leather portfolio has everything you need and then some. With this portfolio your iPad will have its own space inside of the back cover. On the center flap there is room for a notepad, either letter size or A4 size notepad will fit. This will enable quick access to your notepad for when you need to get something down, and of course there is room for pens in the organizer also included. The inside organizer also has room for other important items in multiple zipped interior pockets.

The entire portfolio zips closed to help keep your iPad and other items secure.

There's space for pens or highlighters, business and credit cards, a phone, presentation documents and more. This is an excellent solution if you need to carry a mini-office but don't want a full briefcase.

Features of this Zippered iPad Leather Portfolio With Letter-Size Notepad and Pockets.

** A4/Letter Size Notepad Holder(Notepad not included).
**iPad Holder.
(Devices not included.)
**File pocket for documents.
**Space for Business card, cell phone and Pen.
**Outside Zipper Pocket.
**Made of genuine leather exterior and microfiber interior

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iPad Air 2 / iPad Air /iPad Pro 10.5 / iPad Pro 9.7/12.9 iPad Pro