Executive Leather Tie Case with Gabardine Lining

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Now that you've invested in your appearance with luxurious, high-end ties, it doesn't make much sense to roll them up and cram them in your suitcase or duffel bag. Keep your ties wrinkle-free and safe with a leather tie case. The inside is cushioned and lined in elegant gabardine to prevent snags and pilling. Leather straps secure your ties in place. The folder-style case stays closed with two leather straps and magnetic snaps. The chocolate-brown leather is specially patterned in a wave design for added style and appeal. This men's tie case makes a great gift for Father's Day, an anniversary or a birthday, or even to celebrate a new job or promotion. The dimensions are 16 inches by 6 inches, and the case holds two ties.

Features of this Executive Leather Tie Case with Gabardine Lining.

** Professional design made of smooth, genuine leather.
** Leather straps that snap to secure ties.
** Metal closure under the flap provides extra security.
** Elegant gabardine lining.
** Cushioned lining prevents wrinkling.