Leather iPad Neck Strap Case

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Leather iPad Neck Strap Carrying Case

The Leather iPad Neck Strap Case is the premier iPad case to easily carry your iPad with you wherever you go. The heavy duty genuine leathers, the neck strap case are composed of, cushion your iPad and make it one of the best iPad cases available to protect your iPad from damaged caused by drops, falls, and bumps.

Plus the genuine leather is water resistant so it helps protect your iPad from water damage should you accidentally spill water or another beverage around your iPad. The iPad case earns its name from the neck strap that is built into the iPad case. The neck strap is fully adjustable so no matter what height you are you can comfortably carry your iPad across your neck similarly to how you would a purse. The neck strap can safely and easily be removed from the iPad case so it will never get tangled in your fingers and distract you when you are sitting down trying to enjoy your iPad.

In Addition to being one of safest ways to easily transport your iPad The Leather iPad Neck Strap Case is optimized for the business world and makes a bold fashion statement. On the back side of the iPad case are a variety of folders of different sizes that make this iPad case ideal for business men that need to take their important documents with them on the go. If a business man needs any more motivation to purchase this iPad case it even includes two pocket holders specifically designed to hold business cards.

The genuine leather of the Leather iPad Neck Strap Case is very stylish and makes a bold fashion statement whether you’re in the office or the streets. To keep up with fashion in all seasons the iPad case is available in a wide variety of colors including black, brown, coffee, red, orange, and beige. Features of this Leather iPad Neck Strap Case

** Adjustable Neck Strap.
** Back side with three pockets (Large/Middle/Small) for different documents.
** Two business card holder.

Specification of this Leather iPad Neck Strap Case

** Dimension : 8.2 inch(width) x 11 inch(height)
** Brand: XIAOZHI
** Material: Genuine Leather
** Color: Black/Brown/Coffee/Red/Orange/Beige (Options)
** Weight: kg

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